A. Snatch, 3×1@90%, 2×1@95%, 3×1@97% (1 RTM)
B. Clean & Jerk, 3×1@90%, 2×1@95%, 3×1@97% (1 RTM)
C. Back Squat, 2×2@87%, 2×2@90%, 2×2@93%, 2×2@95%

You should correctly warm up before attempting to hit the percentages prescribed above. The percentages prescribed are guidelines for today’s training session. The goal is to hit a 1 RTM for that day base off how you are feeling from the week’s programming. It is meant to be heavy, and heavy as possible. If you begin to miss most of your lifts then back down the percentage to 87% and then you will want to hit your lifts contentiously at that weight to end your session.


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