About Club

Non-profit weightlifting club for everyone. This club allows for athletes who want to get involved or continue their passion for weightlifting. This website will provide programming for those who are looking to improve technique and get stronger in their lifts. The programming and philosophy is based off science, research and applied experience blended together. Hence the motto of our club, “Bridging Science and Applied Experience.”


OTEP Weightlifting Club is a USA Weightlifting Sanctioned Club (WLC#33109) . We specialize in teaching beginners how to lift properly and fix inefficient lifting technique. Please contact me if you are interested in personal programming or want to stop by the facility to lift. The email to contact me is: otepweigtliftingclub@gmail.com

OTEP Weightlifting Club Mission Statement 

Our mission is to develop you as an athlete by analyzing your technique and goals. We will provide you with the proper knowledge and tools needed to successfully perform to the best of your ability while having fun. We promise that you will be given advice that will develop you correctly and keep you safe and healthy.

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