What is the snatch?

What is the clean & jerk?

Who is the program for?

The day-to-day post is for everyone who has experience in weightlifting. Typically the athletes who will follow the programming posted each day have had a minimum of 6 months to a year of exposure to the sport. Athletes new to the sport should follow a beginning program that focus on educating them about the the lifts and proper technique. This would consist of higher volume and less intensity to expose them to the lifts. I can develop a program for new athletes and conduct remote or in person training.

Why are you doing this for FREE?

Because the programming posted each day is considered “general” programming and not developed for a specific athlete and their needs. This doesn’t mean the programming posted is not effective and you will not develop in the sport. It just does not address specific needs you may have as an athlete.

How long does the programming take to complete each day?

One hour to an hour and half. Depending on the programming volume and intensity. If there is more volume in the programming then typically will have less intensity  which may take longer to complete vs. less volume and higher intensity.

What is Volume and Intensity?

Volume = reps and sets. Intensity = load (weight on the bar).

What does RTM mean?

Rep Training Max. Example, find a 3 Rep Training Max (RTM) or 1RTM. Typically when you are training each day and not competing our bodies are going through a lot of stress (good stress to allow for proper progression) and I am asking for the best of your ability that day. You may hit a new PR and that is great! Learn to understand how your body is feeling each day and how it is effecting your performance. Follow the prescribed percentages to the best of your ability. If you are feeling tired and weak it is okay to back off the percentage a little but, do not back off so much or often that it doesn’t stress the body and no adaptation/progress occurs.

If I am a club member do I have to compete?

No you do not, but we do encourage competition. Some of the athletes that are club members come from different venues and they are here to develop their technique in the movements or are using the movements to become better athletes in their specific sport.

What are the weight classes to compete?


How does performing the Olympic lifts help with sports performance?

Full body development:

  • Develops Kinesthetic Awareness
  • Increases Muscle Fiber Diameter (Hypertrophy)
  • Increases Neural Adaptations
  • Efficient way to train the “core” in healthy population

Is Olympic Weightlifting dangerous?

Only if you ignore technique and try to develop to fast. Believe in your coach and programming. Looking at sport injuries per 100 participant hours in school sports soccer is at 6.20 vs. weightlifting which is at 0.0017. What the heck does that mean? There is way less injuries in Olympic Weightlifting then most high school sports.