Programs Offered

Sports Performance Training

Sports performance training can be done in a small group setting or individual coaching. We can train specifically for your sport or work on overall sports performance. A session will last an hour and half to two hours. Break down of session looks like this:

– Dynamic Warm Up/Movement Preparation/Speed Training
-Sports Performance Drills
-Strength Training

Remote Coaching 

Strength & Conditioning Programming

Programming will be based on a series of test that I give the athlete so I can learn more about each athlete individually. From there a specific training cycle will be created based off their strengths, focuses, and goals. Programming can be for individuals or a group (team) of athletes.

Olympic Weightlifting Programming 

Each athlete will be analyzed for inefficient lifting techniques. Then a program will be developed to correct any imbalances that I see in the lifter and help them move more efficient. I will provide you with the proper knowledge and tools needed to successfully perform to the best of your ability and meet your training goals.

Levels of Remote Coaching

Level 1: Weekly Programming

Level 2: Weekly Programming, Video Analysis, Meeting 1x a week via Skype or Phone

Level 3: Weekly Programming, Video Analysis, Meeting 3x a week via Skype or Phone, Mental Performance Training


Workshops will be hosted on the weekend and will cover topics on:Programming, Olympic Weightlifting, Mental Performance Training, and Mobility. For specific topics please contact me personally.

Functional Movement Consulting 

Functional movement consulting will work closing with athletes to help with mobility issues, movement imbalances, and injury prevention. Each session will use Mobility/SMR Techniques and/or Kinetic-Taping  to help better their movement.

Mental Performance Consulting

Mental performance sessions can last 15 minutes to an hour depending on the discussion topic. First meeting with an athlete is to see where their mindset is and to develop goals for their training. See “Mental Performance Training” page for more details. Click here to see consulting services offered.