Online Coaching/Programming
Work closing with individual athletes or teams to better their specific needs. Online coaching will provide training cycles, video analyzing, weekly meetings (i.e., Skype, phone).

Sport Psychology Consulting
SPC sessions can last 15 minutes to an hour depending on the discussion topic. First meeting with an athlete is to see where their mindset is and to develop goals for their training.

Coaching Education
What type of coach do you want to be? A good coach? Or a great coach? This one day seminar will focus on how you can become a better coach by taking the look at research  in leadership and coaching science.

Affiliate Programming
Sometimes programming can take a long time or sometimes we get in a rut. I get it! This programming offers gym owners to outsource their gym program so they can focus on the athletes and owning a business. I will work closely work with the coaches of the gym and visit the gym to get a better understanding of the athletes needs, ability, equipment, layout, etc.

Training Camps
Training camps will be hosted on the weekend and cover topics such as: Olympic Lifting Programming/Coaching, Mobility, Sport Psychology, Coaching Effectiveness. 

Mobility/SMR/Fascial Movement Taping
Mobility/SMR/ Kinetic-Taping  sessions will focus on athletes becoming more mobile to help better their performance/issues/prevention and everyday functionality.

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